Quality Assurance

Company quality policy implications:

scientific and technological innovation: form competitive advantage through scientific and technological innovation, achieve product, service and process revolution, create new value for the company, bring business performance into a new level.

Qualitybranding: establish a well-known industry brand centering around quality, based on full participation and aiming at customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sustainable development: focus on the future, analyze the data and information measured, identify strengths and weaknesses, introduce new goals and practices, continually improve the system, increase productivity, and reduce quality costs.

Pursuit of excellence: implement excellent performance model, constantly improve the quality management system, continuously improve the management level of maturity to meet the requirements of the modern market environment for quality.

Company quality policy:

scientific and technological innovation, qualitybranding, sustainable development, pursuit of excellence

Company environmental policy:

protect the earth's resources, comply with laws and regulations, provide environmental-friendly products, develop sustainable road green

Company HSF policy:

full participation, continuous improvement, green product, customer satisfaction

Company occupational health and safety policy:

create safe production enterprises, create maximum social value


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