BDStar (stock code: 002151) was founded on September 25th, 2000, and was one of the first listed companies that specialized in navigation and positioning services in China.

BDStar is the leading innovator within China's navigation and positioning sector, not only working independently, but also in integrated cooperation with others. BDStar has also taken individual responsibility for the promotion of industrialized applications of BeiDou/GNSS.

These major business are involved in smart city applications, spatial information, marine fishery, vehicle navigation, surveying and mapping, digital ports, deformation monitoring, intelligent transportation, precision agriculture and other fields.

Day after day, twenty years of trials and hardships;

One Belt and Road Initiatives, pursuing the Beidou dream with all passion.

Gathering talents at top speed, deepening development for the win-win future.

Over 10 years, the Beidou satellite navigation system builders, application promoters and users together adhering to the faith of "Chinese Beidou, Chinese Proud", have been working and contributing hard, and uniting tightly under the concept of "Our BeiDou, Our Dream", which is not only the glory and dream of "Beidouers" but is the specific portrayal of BDStar's glory and dream. It shows a kind of feeling, a will and a pursuit, and expresses an national spirit of unbending courage and fearless innovation. This unique spirit inspires Beidouers to achieve for the full realization of the company's "2020 Vision" with passion!

Chairman of BDStar :

From the book Life of Xiaohui, we can learn that Glead's development and innovation course is filled with the great aspiration of the famous entrepreneur Mr. You Xiaohui which failed to be realized understate system, as well as the old gentleman's great wisdom and effort. Glead electronics has been devoting itself to the core business development of microwave ceramic components since the establishment, and kept on recruiting talents and searching around the market demand. After 20 years of tenacious struggle, it not only cast a famous satellite navigation and microwave ceramic component enterprise, but also trained an excellent team of first-class marketing, technology and management represented by the outstanding entrepreneur You Yuan. It is the model of "fighters" and the microcosm of "Chinese dream"!

In July 2015, Glead Electronic joined the BDStar family to pursue a greater dream under the concept of "Our Beidou, Our Dream", opening a new chapter of Glead Electronics and BDStar development! With the fully support from BDStar Group, Glead Electronic actively implement the "Beidou+" development strategy. Centering around Glead's microwave ceramic material institute construction, it will increase the investment for R&D and infrastructure construction; under development strategy of BDStar group and Glead Electronics to carry out robust merger and acquisition; starts with BDStar Group ERP construction and Glead intelligence manufacture demonstration project to enhance the management capacity; taking BDStar Group and Glead Electronic core employee incentive plan as a link to further motivate employee passion.

We hope Glead Electronics will continue to take the market as the center, and by 2020, become a respectable and reliable world-class ceramic component, automotive navigation antenna and module enterprise that is worth tens of billions and is the pride of its staff to provide products and services more satisfactory for the users.

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