The tiger frequents thousands of mountains

The dragon navigates millions of rivers

From the first generation of new products filling the domestic blank, to self-developed microwave dielectric ceramic materials and components,

to develop a sound entire industry chain of material - devices - subassembly;

from the R&D of wireless communication components, to the popularization and application of Beidou, to IoT,satellite communication, and providing one-stop services and solutions for a new generation of mobile communications applications.

Glead has been working steadily and achieved on leap every 5 years.

Concept of Glead

Vision:To become the most competitive global manufacturer of microwave dielectric ceramics components
Mission:To make every piece of dielectric filterand antenna with heart, and to create value for our clients and take responsibility in advancing the telecom and navigation industry for the natilon
Core values:Integrity, tolerance,resilience, innovation


Xiaohui You

He is the first chairmen of Glead . After entering the army and the Party, he was dedicated in state-owned enterprise and had spared no effort in the business of the Party for 44 years. When he was over 60 years old, he move southward to Shenzhen and started his second business——Glead electron.

Besides, he is also the representatives of the 18th National Congress, being awarded as “advanced individual of the nation’s retired cadre” and “the most beautiful veteran cadre ” of Zhejiang province.

"I have worked in 8 kinds of industries, where I was always subjected to the arrangement of the organization without reserve. Where there needed me, there was me."

Various talents are treasure for Glead Electronics Co., Ltd. We can never start a business or innovate without talents. In addition, we need to nurture talents by ourselves. Although talents may leave one day, we shall never stop nurturing our own talents. No nurture, no talent! Our boss should have insight.

I still remember that in early 1998 my friend from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics recommend Professor Xu Saiqin in Shanghai University who is the expert on microwave to me. After many setbacks, I met Professor Xu and talked with her about the cooperation between us. Then she was employed by Jiaxing Glead Electronics Co.,Ltd. Up to now, she have been contributing to material R&D and nurturing generations of engineers on material R&D. Professor Xu doesn’t care for wealth or fame. She said what she have done for Glead is to achieve self-value. Thus Glead today’s achievement can never depart generations of employers’ contributions.

Glead has been focusing on R&D of high-tech product and attaching great importance to both product development and development speed. You Yuan has established Glead Institute of Microwave Ceramics in past two years. I can’t agree with this decision anymore. We shall never mean on development and need to pluck up our courage to put money on it since new product and market determine how long we can survive.

Wish the young people in Glead have bright career.

Senior Executives Team

General Manager: Yuan You

  • Specialist in special team of major special application popularization and industrialization of Chinese 2nd satellite navigation system
  • Leader entrepreneur of Chinese Big Dipper satellite navigation and location service industry
  • Chinese Big Dipper volunteer
  • Superior entrepreneur of Zhejiang Province

The face is never young, showing the lost years. The pride owned before has gone away with the wind. The Big Dipper’s Mutual Dream is being sung, when the heart is full with the desire to struggle. The eyes with persistence are staring at the future softly. The commitment and duty will be held by us.

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