Split EOC signal and CATV signal from incoming signal or Split EOC signal and other signal from incoming signal. Attenuation of EOC out of band signal. Attenuation of CATV out of band signal. Support Mstar EOC chipset and Qualcommchipset. Certified by Mstar and Qualcomm demo board.

DIP-2YFW-6587 33.3x18.3x16.1 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 Diplexer
DIP-2YFK-6587-XH 30.4x15.36x15.4 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 Diplexer
DIP-2YFM-6587-XH 30.5x22.0x14.8 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 Diplexer
DIP-2YFA-6587-XH 30.5x22.0x14.8 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 Diplexer
DIP-1YFD-6587-XH 33.3x18.3x13 EOC 2~65;87~1000 Diplexer
DCT-1YFC-6587R858 40x29x13.9 EOC+Tuner 7.5~67.5;87~1002 Diplexer
TRP-2MFG-6587/864975 39x30.9x14.1 EOC+MoCA 5~65;87~864;975~1525 Triplexer
DIP-2MFM-6587F2 30.5x22x14.8 EOC 2~65;87~1000 Surge protection
LCF40B50T 22.15x19.55x5.4 EOC 40±25 [15~65] Bandpass filter
65-87-7 35.8x11.7x10.6 EOC 0.3~65;87~1000 Diplexer
65-87-A 33.2x18.2x11.2 EOC 0.3~65;87~1000 Diplexer
DIP-2MFA-35-70/87 30.5x22x14.8 EOC 2~70/35~70;87~1000 Optional Diplexer
LCF065LA 25x10x8 EOC 0.3~65;87~1002 Low-pass filter
LCF65H87YF Φ13x39.6 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 High-pass filter
DIP-3MCG-204258 35.8x11.7x10.6 EOC 0.3~204;258~1000 Diplexer
DIP-3MCG-230470 35.8x11.7x10.6 EOC 0.3~230;470~1000 Diplexer
DIP-3MCG-864975 35.8x11.7x10.6 EOC 0.3~864;975~1525 Diplexer

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