Split CMTS signal and CATV signal from incoming signal or Split CMTS signal and other signal from incoming signal. Support Cable Modem(CM) equipment. Support both 0-65MHz band European standard and 0-44MHz band US standard.

DIP-1YFD-6587C-XH 33.3x18.3x13 CMTS 5~65;87~1002 Surge protection
DIP-1YFD-4254C-XH 33.3x18.3x13 CMTS 5~42;54~1002 Surge protection
DIP-1YFD-85108C-XH 33.3x18.3x13 CMTS 5~85;108~1002 Surge protection
DIP-1YFD-174216C-XH 33.3x18.3x13 CMTS 5~174;216~1002 Surge protection
DIP-1YFD-240258C-XH 33.3x18.3x13 CMTS 5~240;258~1002 Surge protection
DIP-3MCG-6587 35.8x11.7x10.6 CMTS 0.3~65 ; 87~1000 Diplexer
DIP-3MCG-4254 35.8x11.7x10.6 CMTS 0.3-42;54-1000 Diplexer

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