Analog Board

The main function of an analog board is to mix many signals and is generally located in the headend system; the product is waterproof, has surge protection and works in a wide range of operating temperature, which enable it to work stably and reliably under harsh environment. Support Mstar EOC chipset and Qualcomm EOC chipset. Support data signal relay and CATV signal amplification. Support CMTS system.

ADP-3A2MMZ-90950 50x50 EOC 5~90;950~2150 DVB-S(Passing current and 22K)
ADP-0A7MGB- 6587-864950-FH 316x196x87 EOC 7.5~67.5;87~864;950~1060 Triplexer
ADP-6A7MGB- 6587-864950-FH 316x196x87 EOC 7.5~67.5;87~864;950~1060 Triplexer(Passing current)
DIP-3A2MFH-6587 43x40x30.3 EOC 7.5~65;87~860 Diplexer(Passing current)
DDP-6A4YF-6887 89x54 EOC 5~65;87~1000 1AMP Diplexer(Passing current)
DDP-6A6YF-6587 89x54 EOC 5~65;87~1000 2AMP Diplexer(Passing current)
DIP-10A2MFH-6587 43x20x22.3 EOC 7.5~65;87~860 Diplexer(Passing current)
ADP-0A5MFL-6587S 64.5x59 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 Diplexer
ADP-10A6MGB-6587FH 160x70 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 Diplexer(Passing current)
ADP-10A4MGB-6587FH 160x70 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 Diplexer(Passing current)
ADP-10A3MFL-6587 85x65 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 Diplexer(Passing current)
ADP-6A5MFL-6587 132x65 EOC 7.5~65;87~1000 Diplexer(Passing current)
ADP-10A6MGB-3036-6587 279.4x159.2 EOC 7.5~30/65;36/87~1000 Optional Diplexer(Passing current)

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