High Precision Measuring Antenna

The high precision measuring antenna is designed for high-precision GPS satellite positioning measurement, and adopts stable symmetric multi-feed forward technology with stable phase center and small error. It is a high-gain amplifier with high efficiency multi-path suppression, front-facing filter and built-in performance. Can receive GPS /GLONASS double system L1 /L2 dual-frequency signal, low signal transmission delay, and adapt to various strong vibration impact environment and complex electromagnetic environment. The product has good performance and is suitable for high-precision measurement fields such as posture and direction measurement.

JLCL-0283-HY02 L1/B1/G1 3-15 38 φ120x12.96
JLCL-0388-G90 L1L2L5/B1B2B3/G1G2 3-15 38 90x90x18.98
JLCL-S383-H1 L1/B1/G1 3-15 38 φ148x60
JLCL-S288 L1L2L5/B1B2B3/G1G2 3-15 38 φ148x60

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