The RF performance of a product is mostly determined by the inductance and capacitance, and more than 70% of the product components are inductors and capacitors.LC band-pass filter serie products are designed for integrated wireless systems, personal communication system, relay base station, wireless LAN and so on . Possessing low insertion loss, high attenuation and SMD design which can reduce complex RF tuning and simplify circuit design.

LCF047B07S 13.8x7.9x5.0 SMD 47.75±3.5 [44.25~51.25] Bandpass filter
RFSD-2P-A 18x15 DIP 5~1000 Distributor
RFSD-3P-A 38x30 DIP 5~1000 Distributor
RFSD-4P-A 38x30 DIP 5~1000 Distributor
ATT-5dB-YF Φ13x39.6 ASSY 5~1000 Attenuator
RFSI-2MF-A Φ13x51.8 ASSY 5~1000 Voltage isolator
LCF1010B60A 16x16x5.2 SMD 1010±30 [980~1040] Bandpass filter
LCF790L822A 16x16x5.2 SMD 0.3~790 ; 822~1500 Low-pass filter
LCF250B05A 19x12.5x5.2 SMD 250±2.5 [247.5~252.5] Bandpass filter

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