Glead Electronics Attended the 2017 Nuremberg International Exhibition of Embedded Application

2017/3/14 17:47:14News
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On March 14, 2017, the fifteenth Nuremberg International Exhibition of Embedded Application (Embedded World 2017) was held at the Nuremberg International Exhibition Center, which is the most large and influential embedded systemexhibition in the world.

Glead Electronics attended at this exhibition, displaying products include traditional products such as passive components, antenna modules, navigation modules and communication modules, etc., and new products of LTCC ceramic substrates, oxygen sensor chips, etc. In which, the LTCC ceramic substrate gained great attention by it’s features of “thinness, miniaturization, integration, high strength, and high precision control); the oxygen sensor ceramic chip is the core component of vehicle oxygen sensor, which is used for the detection of oxygen content in exhaust emission, and transmit corresponding electrical signals to ECUto reflect the air fuel ratio. It attracted special attention from the participants for its fast response, high insulation resistance and good durability.


This year's exhibition attracted more than900 exhibitors around the world. Through the international exhibition, Glead Electronics conducted business negotiations with many new and regular customers in Europe, North America and Asia and achieved fruitful results. Meanwhile, it gained in-depth understanding about the advanced technologies of the industry, which laid a good foundation for the follow-up development of new products and new markets.

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