Extend the original EOC frequency through a power line, telephone line and coaxial cable protocol; Split G.hn signal and CATV signal from incoming signal or Split EOC signal and other signal from incoming signal.

Support Mstar G.hn chipset and MarvellG.hn chipset (Entropic).

Certified by Mstar demo board.

DIP-2YFA-8694-YX 30.5x21x14.8 G.hn 5~86;94~1002 Diplexer
DIP-2MFM-8694-YX 30.5x22x14.8 G.hn 2~86;94~1002 Diplexer
DIP-2YFP-200220 37x21.6x14.7 G.hn 5~200;220~1002 Diplexer
DIP-2YFP-85105 37x21.6x14.7 G.hn 5~85;105~1002 Diplexer
DIP-3MCG-85105 35.8x11.7x10.6 G.hn 0.3~85;105~1000 Diplexer
ADP-1A2YFH-6587 62.5x50x31.9 G.fast 0.01~65;87~1000 Diplexer

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