WOC (WLAN over CATV) is a WLAN network based on CATV system, which achieves high quality indoor WLAN signal coverage to provide the true andreliable high-speed wireless network.

WOC products realize both the mixing and the separation of WiFi signal and CATV signal.

Support wide wireless coverage for hotel, villas and other large space multi-roombuilding.

The capability of high signal strength and long transmission range simplifies the signal downward adjustmentand does no need multi-stage amplification.

WOC-4MFA204-10002400 57x31x18.5 WOC 7.5~1000;2400~2500 2 Channe Diplexer
WOC-2MMB-10002400-WZ 86x86 WOC 7.5~1000;2400~2500 Diplexer
WOC-2ISK-10002400 36x32x22.5 WOC 7.5~1000;2400~2500 Diplexer
TRP-1YFC-6587-10002400 40x29x13.9 EOC+WOC 7.5~65;87~1000;2400~2500 Triplexer
RFSP-3SMA204-2400 37.2x21.9x14.5 WIFI 2400~2500 Power divide
RFSP-3MF204-1000 37.2x21.9x14.5 CATV 5~1000 CATV Distributor

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