Ceramic Substrates

Glead provide LTCC substrates、HTCC substrates and Composite substrates.

LTCC substrates: Green tapes with high thickness accuracy were prepared from low temperature co-fired ceramic powder. Based on it, we can apply multilayer ceramic process including laser punching, micro-via hole filling, screen printing and so on to embed several passive components in multilayer ceramic substrate. LTCC substrates are especially suitable for high frequency communication devices.

HTCC substrates and ceramics packages: These products have many advantages, such as good corrosion resisting ability, high temperature resistant, long life, high efficiency and energy saving, good temperature homogeneity, good heat conductivity and etc. Our HTCC products are widely used in fiber-optic communication modules, power laser packing, microwave components packing, high density integrated circuit packing, quartz crystal oscillators packing, SAW components packing, etc.

Composite substrates: These products exhibit many features, such as high mechanical strength,easy processing, high stablization and seriation of DK, excellent electrical properties and low insertion loss. Our composite substrates can be used in power dividers,couplers, combiners, RF antennas, high frequency circuit boards, etc.

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